Hygrothermoelastic Postbuckling Response of Graphite Epoxy Material Composite Plates with Random System Properties: SFEM Micromechanical Model Approach Investigation

Rajesh Kumar


The present study investigated the hygrothermoelastic postbuckling response of graphite epoxy composite plates with random system properties such as coefficients of thermal expansion, coefficients of hygroscopic expansion, foundation stiffness parameters, geometric properties and lamina material properties by modeling as basic random variables and using SFEM micromechanical model approach. The basic formulation is based on a higher-order shear deformation plate theory in von Karman nonlinear kinematics. A direct iterative based C0 non-linear FEM in conjunction with Taylor series based mean-centered first order regular perturbation technique is used to obtain mean and standard deviation of post buckling load of laminated composite at micro level. The environmental effects, boundary conditions, plate aspect ratios, elastic foundation stiffness parameters, fiber orientations and effects of temperature rises, degree of moisture concentrations, are investigated. The results are verified with published literature and independent Monte Carlo simulation.


Hygrothermoelastic Post Buckling; Random System Properties; Elastic Foundations; Laminated Composite Plates; Regular Perturbation Technique

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