Systems Engineering for the Design and Fabrication of a Screw-Propelled Automated Martian Regolith Collector Robot

Michael Bouchard, Nathaniel Stein, Hans McConnell, Bradley Settle, Sam Lazecheko, Michael Kelley, Michael Zanetti, Ramesh Agarwal


The Screw-Propelled Automated Martian Regolith CollectorRobot Version 2.0 system was designed by a team of students from Washington University in St. Louis through the implementation of an iterative and increasingly detailed design process directed by a systems engineering management plan. The team made decisions based on Key Performance Attributes and a set of functions allocated from NASA specifications. The team derived the robot's physical architecture from these functions and principal fabrication was completed by the team. The completed system was entered in the sixth annual Robotic Mining Competition at Kennedy Space Center in May 2015 where the team was ranked10thout of 46 teams.


Systems Engineering; Systems Architecture; Robotic Mining, Screw-Propelled Automated Regolith Collector

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