Hygrothermoelastic Nonlinear Flexural Response of Graphite Epoxy Laminated Composite Plates with Uncertain System Properties

Rajesh Kumar, Million Merid Afessa


This paper presents Hygrothermoelastic nonlinear flexural response of graphite epoxy composite plates with uncertain system properties. Lamina material properties, geometric properties, coefficients of thermal expansion, coefficients of hygroscopic expansion and lateral load are modeled as basic random variables using micromechanical model. A higher order shear deformation theory in the von-Karman sense is used to model the system behavior of the laminated plate. A direct iterative based C0 nonlinear finite element method in conjunction with the first order perturbation technique developed earlier is extended for hygrothermal problem to obtain the second order response statistics, i.e., mean and coefficient of variations of nonlinear transverse central deflection of the plate. Typical numerical results are obtained for various combinations of geometric parameters, uniform lateral pressures, staking sequences, volume fractions, aspect ratios, plate thickness ratios, boundary conditions under environmental conditions. The results obtained have been compared with those available in the literature and an independent Monte Carlo simulation.


Micromechanical Model; Nonlinear Bending Response; Stochastic Finite Element Method; Uncertain System properties

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