Post-Buckling and Nonlinear Free Vibration Response of Elastically Supported Laminated Composite Plates with Uncertain System Properties in Thermal Environment

Rajesh Kumar, Desta Goytom


In the present study, post buckling and nonlinear free vibration response of laminated composite plate resting on a twoparameters Pasternak foundation with Winkler cubic nonlinearity having uncertain system properties in thermal environmentsusing macro mechanical stochastic finite element model is investigated. The system properties are modeled as basic randomvariables using macro mechanical model. A C0 nonlinear finite element formulation of the random problem based on higherorder shear deformation theory in the von-Karman sense is presented. A direct iterative method conjunction with a stochasticnonlinear finite element method is extended to analyze the effects of uncertainties in the system properties on the post bucklingand nonlinear free vibration of the composite plate having Winkler type of geometric nonlinearity. Mean and standarddeviation of the response have been obtained for various combinations material properties, geometric parameters, boundaryconditions, elastic foundation parameters, aspect ratio, lamina layup compared with those available in the literature and withMonte Carlo Simulation.

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