Effects of Hygrothermomechanical Loading and Uncertain System Environments on Flexural and Free Vibration Response of Shear Deformable Laminated Plates: Stochastic Finite Element Method Micromechanical Model Investigation

Rajesh Kumar


Present paper investigates the effects of hygrothermomechanical loading and uncertain system environments on flexural andfree vibration response of shear deformable laminated plates. System parameters such as the lamina material properties,coefficients of thermal expansion and coefficients of hygroscopic expansion, lamina plate thickness, geometric property andlateral load are modeled as basic random variables. A C0 finite element method in conjunction with the first order perturbationtechnique procedure for the plate subjected to lateral loading and free vibration is employed to obtain the second orderresponse statistics of the transverse deflection and natural frequency of the plates. Typical numerical results for the second order statistics of the transverse central deflection and free vibration of geometrically linear composite plates subjected touniform temperature distribution are investigated. The performance of the stochastic laminated composite model isdemonstrated through comparison of mean transverse central deflection and free vibration with those results available in literature and standard deviation of the deflection and natural frequency with an independent Monte Carlo simulation before data generation.

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