Effects of Elastic Foundations on Thermomechanically Induced Postbuckling Response of Square Cutouts FGM Plates

Rajesh Kumar


Effects of elastic foundations on thermomechanically induced postbuckling response of square cutouts FGM Plates are investigated. The basic formulation is based on higher order shear deformation theory [HSDT] using modified C0 continuity. A nonlinear finite element method [DIFEM] with first order regular perturbation technique [FORPT] for composite plates is extended for FGM plates to solve the random eigenvalue problem. Typical numerical results are presented to examine the effect
of volume fractions index, plate length to thickness ratios, plate aspect ratios, types of loadings, amplitude ratios, support conditions and various sized holes with random thermomechanical properties. The results obtained by the present solution approach are validated with those available in the literatures and independent Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS).

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