SFEM Micro and Macromechanical Model Investigation of Postbuckling of Laminated Plates resting on Elastic Foundations under Uncertain System and Thermo-Mechanical Loading

Rajesh Kumar


In the present paper the effect of Winkler and Pasternak elastic foundations on post buckling of laminated plates under uncertain system properties such as material properties, geometric properties, coefficients of thermal expansions using micromechanical and macromechanical MATLAB code model approach using thermo-mechanical loading is investigated. Thermal expansion coefficients, foundation stiffness parameters, geometric properties and lamina material properties are modeled as basic random variables. The basic formulation is based on a higher-order shear deformation plate theory in von Karman nonlinear kinematics. A direct iterative based C0 non linear finite in conjunction with Taylor series based mean-centered first order regular perturbation technique is applied to study the  mean as well as standard deviation of the responses for various combinations of geometric parameters, stacking sequences,  lamina layup, aspect ratios , amplitude ratios, boundary conditions, fiber volume fractions and environmental conditions and foundation stiffness parameters. The results have been compared with those available in the literature and Monte Carlo simulation before data generation.

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