Distribution and Socio-Economic Impacts of Prosopis Juliflora in Gamo Gofa, Segen Area People and South Omo Zones, Southern Ethiopia

Berhanu Lemma, Nejib Mohammed;


This study was conducted in Gamo Gofa,

Segen Area People and South Omo Zones of Southern Ethiopia. The study is of practical value and has got significant importance. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the

rate of distribution of Prosopis juliflora and assess its impacts on community perception. Distribution of P. juliflora was recorded with systematic sampling techniques at

regular interval of 5km with the help of Global Position System tools. Distribution of P. juliflora was determined. Semi-structured questionnaire was used to collect data on

socioeconomic impacts of P. juliflora and data was analysed using SPSS version 15. Observations of P. juliflora were made along the main road sides in Arba Minch Zuria, Mirab

Abaya, Gidole, Konso, Hamer and Nyangatom districts. P. juliflora was distributed along the road sides, grazing lands, waste lands, and around habitations. It was observed

spreading along the roads to Nech Sar National Park. From the distribution data Prosopis was low in Mirab Abaya, Gidole, Konso, and Hamer Districts. The infestation level of

Prosopis was high in Arba Minch Town and Nyangatom districts mainly on grazing lands and around urban settings. One hundred and forty-six respondents were interviewed.

Questionnaire and observation data showed that Prosopis has taken over large grazing lands and blocks movement routes in Nyangatom district. The current study also investigated

that no control activities had been employed. It is concluded that the menace of P.juliflora is increasing at alarming rate, thus control methods have to be designed to stop

further spreading into Nech Sar and Mago National Parks.


Distribution, Socio-Economic, Impact, Prosopis Juliflora

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