Evaluation of Variability Parameters in Apple Trees – a Statistical Approach

Anju Sharma, P K Mahajan;O K Belwal;Satish K. Sharma;


In the present paper, an attempt has been made to study the morphological variations in apple trees with respect to their ages and locations. Among the different variables, maximum coefficient of variation of 119.8% and 82.35% was observed for Volume of the tree at Theog and Kotkhai locations respectively, whereas maximum coefficient of variation for number of fruits per tertiary branch was observed at Shimla location. The minimum value of coefficient of variation was observed for height (24.55%), the number of secondary branches (36.44%), and the number of main branches (21.4%) at Shimla, Kotkhai and Theog respectively. The variability analysis indicated that an increase in girth, height, spread, volume, the number of main branches, the number of secondary branches, length of spurs, and yield was noticed with the increase in age of trees in general at all the three locations. Significant variation was observed in all the tree characteristics among the three sites or locations.


Coefficient of Variation, Coefficient of Skewness, Coefficient of Kurtosis, Bartlettt’s Χ 2 Test Statistic, Apple, Variability Analysis

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