Effect of Partial Substitution of Wheat Flour by Processed (Germinated, Toasted, Cooked) Chickpea on Bread Quality

Meriem Ouazib, Angela Dura;Farid Zaidi;Cristina M. Rosell;


The effect of partial substitution of wheat flour with either raw and processed chickpea (germinated, toasted and cooked) flour at different levels (10 and 20%) on pasting properties of composite flours and on physical and nutritional parameters of the composite breads were studied. Composite flours of wheat and processed chickpea showed different pasting properties, decreasing the viscosity in all kinds of flour and levels, being more accentuated with the cooked flour. The least affected flour was the toasted that showed similar pasting profile than raw flour. Breads with 10% wheat flour replacement showed minor changes in their quality, but 20% replacement resulted in great detriment of the quality. Crumb hardness was greatly improved when 20% raw or toasted flour was incorporated. Overall, germinated chickpea flours were the most appropriate flour for wheat replacement pertaining bread specific volume, crumb hardness and nutritional composition (higher protein content).


Legumes, Chickpea Flour, Bread, Germination, Cooking, Toasting, Quality

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