Adsorption Isotherm Parameters of Atrazine and Metolachlor with Pecan Shell-based Activated Carbons

M.A.S. Niandou, S. Luster-Teasley, R.R. Bansode, J.M. Novak, D. Rehrah, M. Ahmedna


In this study, pecan shell-based activated carbons (PSACs) were examined for their effectiveness in adsorbing atrazine and metolachlor. Pecan shells were pyrolyzed under different temperatures and activated by either physical (steam, CO2), chemical (H3PO4 ), or a combination of chemical (NaHCO3, KOH) followed by physical (steam) activation. The H3PO4 activated carbon exhibited the highest yield, surface area, and bulk density. This study shows that PSACs can effectively adsorb pesticides such as atrazine and metolachlor; and PSACs can be modified to address the specific types of contaminants in the groundwater.


Pecan Shell; Activated Carbon; Atrazine; Metolachlor; Freundlich Isotherm

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