Characterization of the Solanum Nigrum Complex of Kenya by AFLP Markers

Lexa G. Matasyoh, Simone Abel;Holger Budahn;Evelyn Klocke;


Species of the Solanum nigrum complex are known to have a long tradition as alternative food- or fodder plants and a significant medical value in parts of Africa, India, Indonesia and China. Mature berries are often edible and cooked leaves are used as herbs and vegetables. The taxonomy of the S. nigrum complex is difficult, especially because of extensive synonymy. Amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) technique was used to assess the genetic relationship of twelve accessions from Kenya and Germany. Distances on the basis of molecular markers were only partially correlated to morphological descriptions. Intermixing of S. nigrum and S. scabrum accessions suggests close relationship of both species.


Solanum Nigrum Complex, AFLP, Genetic Distance, Dissimilarity, Germany, Kenya

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