Isolation, Sequence Identification and Tissue Expression of a Novel Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) Gene-TBG1

Nian Fuzhao, Zhang Yonghui;Su Xiangyun;Zou Juqiu;Zhao Leifeng;


The complete coding sequence of one tobacco (nicotiana tabacum) gene-β-galactosidase precursor (TBG1), was amplified based on some tobacco ESTs. The complete coding sequence of tobacco TBG1 gene was 2,526 bp which encodes a protein of 841 amino acids. Sequence analysis revealed that the TBG1 of tobacco shares high homology with the TBG1 of lycopersicon esculentum (91%), cacao (81%), castor bean (81%) and papaya (81%). Results also showed that tobacco TBG1 gene has a closer genetic relationship with the TBG1 gene of lycopersicon esculentum. The expression profile was studied and the results indicated that tobacco TBG1 gene was differentially expressed in detected tobacco tissues including leaf, stem, root and flower. Our experiment established the foundation for further research on this tobacco gene.


Tobacco, TBG1, Tissue Expression

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