Effect of Modified Atmosphere Packaging on Shelf Life of Sapota Fruit

D K Antala, R. M. Satasiya;P. D. Akabari;J. V. Bhuva;R. A. Gupta;P. M. Chauhan;


Freshly harvested and uniformly matured sapota fruits (cv Kalipatti) were precooled at 10°C for 1 h and pretreated with 200 ppm benomyl for 5 min. The fruits were treated with active modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) in 25 µ and 40 µ LDPE bags with 5% O2 + 5% CO2 and 5% O2 + 10% CO2 gas concentration and stored at 6 ± 1°C and 11 ± 1°C. Physical, biochemical and sensory characteristics of sapota fruit were assessed at 7 days intervals. It was found that sapota fruit was stored up to 35 days at 110C in 25 µ LDPE bags and fruits ripened within the package during storage. It was concluded that the shelf life of sapota fruit could be increased up to 49 days by packaging in 25 μ LDPE bags with gas concentration 5% O2 + 10% CO2 and stored at 6°C with another three days to become fully ripe under ambient conditions. Fruits packed in 40 µ LDPE bags did not ripen properly at both the storage temperature.


Sapota, MAP, LDPE, Gas Concentration, Shelf Life, Storage

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