Genetic Identification of a Novel Locus (LB2) Regulates Bolting Time in Beta vulgaris

Salah F. Abou-Elwafa, Alhosein Hamada;Eid M. Mehareb;


Bolting tendency in the facultative perennial species Beta vulgaris, which exhibits large intraspecific variation in bolting tendency, is a complex character governed by various environmental cues and multiple genetic factors. Significant variations in bolting time among annual Beta vulgaris ssp. maritima accessions were found. Three F2 populations derived from crosses between six annual beet accessions were analyzed for bolting tendency. Two populations (Bm38 and Bm49) exhibited phenotypic segregation ratios of 3:1 early-bolting and late-bolting which is expected for dominant-recessive inheritance of a monogenic trait. Phenotypic segregation ratio of the third population Bm49 was 15:1, early-bolting: late-bolting, which is expected for digenic dominant-recessive inheritance suggests the presence of a yet unidentified locus (LB2) which affects bolting time in annual Beta vulgaris.


Beat Vulgaris, Sugar Beet, Bolting, Flowering, Floral Transition

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