Dissipation and Persistence of Thiodicarb in Cotton

Indu Chopra, Reena Chauhan;Beena Kumari;


Field study was carried out to investigate persistence and dissipation kinetics of thiodicarb (Larvin 75 WP) applied at the time of flower initiation stage of cotton crop (H-1117) @ 500 (T1) and 1000 g a.i.ha-1 (T2) during kharif season. The dissipation was 100% in soil at both the doses after 35 days of application following a first order kinetics. The half life value was observed to be 7.27 days in T1 and 7.81 days in T2, respectively.


Thiodicarb; Half- Life;, Dissipation; First Order Kinetic; Residue

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