An Evaluation with Web Developers of Capturing User Interaction with Rich Internet Applications for Usability Evaluation

Luciano Pansanato , Adriano Rivolli;Douglas Pereira;


The user interaction logging with a Rich Internet Applications can provide valuable information for usability evaluation and user behavior study. However, current research has focused only on issues of implementation and validation of tools for capturing user interaction instead tool usage by web developers. This work presents an evaluation through user testing of a tool called WAUTT for capturing user interaction with Rich Internet Applications. The main goal of this evaluation is to investigate the use of a tool for capturing user interaction with web developers. The results indicate that the participants have good understanding of the tool, found easiness to operate the tool for capturing and analyzing the user interaction, consider its future re-use, and they felt satisfied with the experience. The results also assisted for identifying the user interaction data considered more useful to web developers.


Usability Evaluation, User Interaction Logging, Log File Analysis, Rich Internet Application, User Testing, Web Developer Usage

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