An Advance Solar Power Generation and Control of Brushless DC Motor Using Phase Current Infusion of Sensor Less Vector Control

A. Sundaram, Dr. G.P. Ramesh


Solar power is a promising solution in recent environmental aspects so several methods of generation were implemented in past to reach advances in generation capacity and critical conditions of solar. This paper deals with Non-inverting Four Switch buck-boost converter (NFSBBC) which is presented to reach advances in generation with respect to solar condition. The advances of generation include maximum power point tracking using incremental conductance, reliable buck boost operation and voltage stability ratio. Incremental conductance can track rapidly on solar power than perturb and observer method, so proposed power generation draws a continuous power across DC-Link inverter drive for wide speed operation of brushless DC motor. A new phase current infusion is implemented to estimate flux, torque and control of speed in wide range without external infusion and sensing loops in present sensor less vector control. 110W/50V capacity of solar is implemented for present solar power generation; output capacity of converter reaches from 25-100V using buck boost operation. 25V/1500 rpm capacity of brushless DC Motor is controlled using proposed sensor less vector using current infusing logic.


Photovoltaic System; DC-DC Converter; Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT); Four Switch Buck Boost Converter (NFSBBC); Brushless DC Motor (BLDC); Senserless Control

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