BK Web-Based E-Voting System: Ensuring Confidence with Votes and Results Verification

Ben Beklisi Kwame Ayawli, Albert Cosmos Gershon, George Asante


The purpose of this study was to design an e-voting system to improve verification and auditing of votes and election results to aid build confidence in the use of e-voting. A top-down design approach was adopted in the design and development of the evoting system. BK Web-based e-voting system after design was implemented in ten different elections in 2012, 2013 and 2014. It was very helpful in ensuring voter’s confidence in e-voting since they were able to verify their votes through Short Message Service, reports generated from the system and the provision of ‘strong room’ facility. The verification procedures demonstrated in this study when applied in e-voting systems would help build voter’s confidence in e-voting systems.


E-Voting; Web-Based; PHP; Mysql; Election; SMS; Voter Verification Code; CSS; Xampp; Voter Confidence; Results Verification

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