A Metadesign Approach in Ontology Construction

Mesnan Silalahi


This paper describes the ontology construction using a metadesign approach. The approach will constitutes key concepts such as: supporting human-problem interaction, underdesigning for emergent behavior, enabling legitimate peripheral participation, sharing control, promoting mutual learning and support, rewarding and recognizing contributions, and fostering reflective communities. The approach supports for flexibility and extensibility in the process and the used tools. The development of semantic web applications was part of the tools support to follow the metadesign framework. The central actor along the phases are the domain experts who also were respondencts in the survey. Based on the resultant ontology and the survey of the participatory domain-experts in a case-study, this approach proved to effectively build the ontology.


Ontology; Ontology Engineering; Metadesign; Semantic Web Application

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