Three Dimensional Boundary Layer Flow over Unsteady Continuous Moving Surface Embedded in a Nanofluid

Mohamed S. Abdel-wahed, Mohamed Y. AKL


The effects of nanoparticles type, Nanoparticles concentration (volume fraction), unsteadiness parameter and stretching parameter on the mechanical properties of unsteady moving surface embedded into cooling medium consists of water with Cu or Ag or Al2O3 particles are studied. The governing time dependent boundary layer equations are transformed to ordinary differential equations containing stretching parameter, unsteadiness parameter, nanoparticle volume fraction and Prandtl number. These equations are solved numerically. The velocity and temperature profiles of the boundary layer are plotted and discussed in details for various values of the different parameters


Nanofluid; Heat Transfer; Suction Injection; Three Dimensional Boundary Layer; Mechanical Properties

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