Efficient Hardware Architecture of a Modified 2-D Transform for the HEVC Standard

Fatma Belghith, Hassen Loukil;Nouri Masmoudi;


This paper presented an algorithm to compute the 4x4, 8x8 and 16x16 efficient two-dimensional (2-D) transform for the HEVC standard providing less complexity and its hardware design. As HEVC large transforms suffered from the huge number of computations especially multiplications, this paper presented a proposition of a modified algorithm reducing the computational complexity. The goal is to ensure the maximum circuit reuse during the computation while keeping the same quality of encoded videos. The proposed hardware has been implemented in VHDL. The VHDL RTL code works at 240 MHZ in an Altera Stratix III FPGA. Results showed frequency improvement reaching 96% when compared to an architecture described as the direct transcription of the algorithm. The designed architecture has achieved a throughput reaching 4 Gsamples/s. With these results, the proposed is able to process even HD videos in real time.


HEVC, HM5.0, Transformation, FPGA

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