Design of open architecture System to reduce the likelihood of a vehicle getting stolen or carjacking

M. S. Zaghloul


This paper is practical design and implementation of An Electronic protection system for protection from motor vehicle theft. It is a specific form of computer-based information system that complies with International safety regulations and can be used in any types of cars, ships, trains, and airplanes. Nationwide in the US in 2005, there were an estimated 1.2 million motor vehicle thefts, or approximately 416.7 motor vehicles stolen for every 100,000 inhabitants.[1] It can be added to navigation, control system for the protected vehicles. Not all protection systems are used for safety and protection but in our design we comply with both requirements. The system can control and displays information of controlled parameters like power for the fuel pump, electricity for the ignition system, audio and visual alarms or others. The designed system can prevent the operation of the engine unless the right store cod is entered also it can let the engine operate only for certain specific previously determined time, or reduce the speed of the engine at certain conditions or it can stop the engine completely in case of danger for example if the driver fell into sleep depend on PIR (Passive Infrared Piezoelectric) or IR motion sensors. It may also display additional navigation-related information, such as Sailing Directions, speed, or remains fuel. The system are power by 12 V dc supply which is available in types of vehicles, to start operation we need to enter the password for the key board, We will demonstrate the program which will is used in actual work for the system it is written in basic to the microcontroller type16F84A .We preferred to design the software using software PIC Basic for microcontroller. This Program is a window based Software and friendly user. Our design covers various methods of prevention to reduce the likelihood of a vehicle getting stolen. These include physical barriers, which make the effort of stealing the vehicle more difficult. Some of these include: Immobilizers, allowing the vehicle to start only if the right password containing the correct code is present in the stored microcontroller to give start signal for ignition. Adding to those Chances of theft can also be reduced with various deterrents, which give the impression to the thief that s/he is more likely to get caught if the vehicle is stolen. These include: Car alarm systems that are triggered if a breaking and entry into the vehicle occurs and trying to start the engine, Killswitch circuits we designed to frustrate or slow down the efforts of a determined car thief. Kill switches are often located between crucial parts of the starting system, between the battery source and the coil, or the fuel pump. A car cannot start without first flipping these killswitches to closed position. Car owners hide these killswitches in obscured areas, under the dashboard, beneath the seat, behind a chair, etc.


Safety and protection, Car Control, Signal Processing, Sensors

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