Color Image Compression Using Demosaicing and Optimized Color Spaces

Evgeny Gershikov


A new approach to image coding is presented. This method is based on recently introduced optimized color spaces for image demosaicing. These spaces can be used to transform the RGB color components to achieve desired properties of the new colors such as energy compactness or smoothness and thus to achieve better performance of the image reconstruction. In this work a new unified framework for color image compression is presented using demosaicing, where optimized color spaces are used both in the image coding and the demosaicing stages. A new coding algorithm based on the Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) is introduced and compared to presently available compression methods showing superior results both visually and quantitatively. It is concluded that the proposed unified framework and method of color space optimization are useful for storage and transmission of color images in band-limited information networks.


Color Image Compression, Optimized Color Spaces, Optimized Coding, Demosaicing, Discrete Wavelet Transform

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