ASAMO: Authentication and Secure Communication using Abstract Monitoring Objects for Mobile Grid Computing

Parveen Begam H, Maluk Mohamed M A;


The prominent feature of mobile grid computing is the collaboration of multiple entities to perform collaborative tasks using mobile devices. Currently, most of the security solutions for mobile grid environment use static set of algorithms and protocols. Despite the increased usage of mobile computing, exploiting its full potential is difficult due to its inherent problems such as resource scarcity, frequent disconnections, and mobility. Our focus is to provide security and efficient power management. In this paper, a framework of dynamic secure routing protocol called Select Successive Hop Routing (SSHR) algorithm using Abstract Monitoring Objects (AMOs), Secure Service Certificates (SSC) and layer based encryption for each data transfers to improve the security level, anonymity and dynamicity of the data are proposed. This includes (i) Authentication of the mobile node (ii) Security flow between mobile nodes (iii) Saving battery power (iv) Hand-over of authentication information. The proposed framework solves the issues like asymmetry in network connectivity, computing power and mobility. The outcome is compared with certain existing security protocols and demonstrates how the proposed protocol is able to adapt itself over different conditions of the mobile device, and how it can provide a performance gain in the execution.


Mobile Grid Computing; Authentication; Secure Communication; Secure Routing; Digital Signature; ECDSA.

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