Influence of TiN/Ti Coating on the Erosion Resistance against Solid Particles

Yan Chai, Guangyu He, Yuqin Li, Zhufang Yang


Aero-engine usually adopts titanium alloys as the compressor blade materials. Owing to their low hardness, however, the solid particle erosion (SPE) resistance of titanium alloys is also very low, and the TiN/Ti coating is an effective method to improve the anti-erosion performance of titanium alloys. To design the structure of TiN/Ti coating and acquire coatings with good performance, the equivalent plastic strain distribution of single layer, three layers, six layers and twelve layers of TiN/Ti coating after erosion by single sand is calculated and the results show that if the total thickness of the coating is constant (3um), the more the layers are, the better the coating’s anti-erosion performance will be. In other ways, the coating erosion-resistant experiments also prove that the SPE resistance of multi-layer coating is excellent.


Titanium Alloys; Erosion; TiN/Ti Coating; Structure

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