Strength Enhancement of Stereolithography Parts

Raju B S, Chandra Sekhar U, Drakshayani D N


The paper presents the detailed experimental investigation on built parameters of the prototypes by Stereolithography process which uses SL5530 epoxy resin material. Test specimens were fabricated on a SLA 5000 machine manufactured by 3D systems and experiments were carried out for an optimal parametric combination in order to obtain favorable quality characteristic using the Taguchi based Grey relational analysis. A plan of experiments, based on the technique of Taguchi, was performed. Analysis of Variance was used to investigate the quality characteristics of Stereolithography parts. The objective was to establish a correlation between the layer thickness, Orientation, Hatch space and Density with mechanical characterization of the test parts. The optimum machining parameters were obtained by Grey relational analysis for the higher strength of the parts and confirmation tests were performed to make a comparison between the experimental results and developed model. The optimum levels of the parameter contributing to higher strength of the parts and density of the prototype are the end results of the paper, which is very useful information for machine designers as well as RP machine users.


Rapid Prototyping; Stereolithography; Strength Analysis; Taguchi Method; Grey Relational Analysis; Optimization Technqiues

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