Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites (AA 6061 Reinforced with MOS2)

E. Subba Rao, N.Ramanaiah


The present study is aimed at evaluating the mechanical properties of aluminium metal matrix composite (AMMC). An effort is made to enhance the mechanical properties like hardness, tensile strength, yield strength, % of elongation of AMMCs by reinforcing AA6061 matrix with Molybdinum di sulfide (MOS2) particles. AMMCs were made, AA6061 as matrix material and MOS2 as reinforcement material, through stir casting method. AMMCs with varying percentage by different wt. %, 1%, 2 %, 3%, 4%,5% MOS2 were fabricated. A systematic study of the matrix metal and AMMCs is done to evaluate the mechanical properties (hardness, yield strength and tensile strength) in as cast and heat treated condition. It was observed that in comparison to the matrix metal, the precipitation kinetic was accelerated by adding the MOS2 particles. It was noticed that, mechanical properties are increasing with the increase in wt. % of the reinforcement up to 4% MOS2 further addition there is a diminution in both the conditions (as cast and cold rolling followed by heat treatment condition). It was also thought-out that 4% MOS2 composite shows better mechanical (hardness, yield strength and tensile strength) properties and low % of elongation than all other compositions in both the conditions. Optical microscopy and Scanning electron micrographs were carried out to authenticate the mechanical properties of the matrix metal and AMMCs.


AA6061; AMMC; MOS2 Particles; As Casted; Cold Rolling Followed By Heat Treatment; Microstructure; SEM

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