Development of an Advisor Auditor Computer Program for the Acidizing Operation Design

Yasser A. Ahmed, Mahmoud Abu El Ela;El Sayed El Tayeb;Abdel Aziz Osman;


Acidizing operation is an irreversible process and may cause a serious problem if carried out in a wrong manner. It may fail due to many reasons such as: bad design, poor quality control or any operational problems. The acidizing operation depends mainly on field experience: there is no systematic methodology for the evaluation of the acidizing programs design.<br>This paper presents a new developed computer program (acidizing auditor advisor program: AAA program) that can be used as an auditor and advisor to evaluate the design of the acidizing operations before its implementation. The developed program can be also used to recommend proper design conditions to achieve successful acidizing operations. AAA program has been tested, validated and applied. It has been used to audit the design of eight acidizing programs. <br>This work presents the results of the application of AAA program in only three acidizing operations. It was found that the results of AAA program are consistent with the performance of the actual acidizing operations. It successfully predicts the behavior of the acidizing operations and it recommends the necessary preventive actions to mitigate the reasons of any failure. Therefore, it saves time and money, and reduces the risk of acidizing operations failure.


Acidizing; Acidizing Auditor Program; Acidizing Operation Design; Stimulation

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