An Overview of Steam Injection Projects in Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs in the Middle East

Zuhair Al Yousef, Hussain AlDaif;Mohammed Al Otaibi;


Steam injection is one of the most common and widely spread thermal recovery methods. It is mainly used in heavy oil reservoirs. In this paper, the use of steam injection in heavy and light oil fractured carbonate reservoirs in the Middle East region will be discussed. Heavy oil contained in fractured reservoirs represents a large portion of the total oil in place in the Middle East. Beside the status and the results of the commercial and pilot steam injection projects that have been conducted in the Middle East, this paper will review the results of some simulation studies that were conducted on heavy and light oil fractured carbonate reservoirs in that region. The paper will also include some descriptions and discussions of the mechanism of steam injection, steamflooding screening guide, steamflooding design and steamflooding operational problems. Although the paper will focus on the Middle East steam injection projects, it still can serve as a guide for other regions that have similar reservoir and oil properties.


Steam Injection; Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs; Middle East

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