Analysis of Petroleum Coke Consumption in Some Industrial Sectors

Aldo Ramos Santos, Rogério José da Silva;Maria Luiza Grillo Renó;


The world production of petroleum coke has been growing in the last years, due to a growing supply of heavy oils. The market is divided among the green coke consumers and the calcinate coke consumers. When taking pollutants into consideration, the quality of petcoke depends on the type of processed petroleum and the operational conditions of the production unit. Three different processes can produce petcoke. The cost of petcoke is inversely proportional to its sulfur content. Due to the consumer process type, there are those who can only use coke with low sulfur content. However, there are consumers that can burn coke with larger sulfur content without needing exhausted gas desulfurization treatments, such as power plants with fluidized bed boilers, and in the cement industry where the sulfurous gases incorporate to the clinker in the form of calcium sulfate.


Petroleum Processing; Petcoke; Desulfurization; Power Plants; Cement Industry

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