Comparative Study of the Characterization Factors for Hydrocarbon Types of Petroleum Fluids Fractions

Djamel El-Hadi


The qualitative and quantitative determination of the chemical nature of the oil fractions is a very complex operation. For this reason, one often searches for empirical correlations, based on the introduction of different characterization factors. Considering the diversity of these factors, our study aims to establish a new criterion specific to the various factors. The application of three criteria (the separation order, the power separation and relative variation) has enabled us to determine the efficiency of each factor with respect to chemical nature of a petroleum fraction and to choose a certain number of factors, which can be used for the establishment of the various correlations. Thanks to these correlations we can determine the chemical composition, in paraffins, naphtenes and aromatics of petroleum fractions. The results obtained show that the characterization factors : CH (carbon to hydrogen weight ratio), (n/d) (refractive index to density ratio), Watson characterization factor (K) and that of El Hadi (F) can be applied to the characterization of light and heavy petroleum fractions.


Characterization; Factor; Petroleum Fraction; Paraffin; Naphtene; Aromatic

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