Analytical Derivation of the Temperature Dependence of Absolute Permeability of a Porous Medium

Adango Miadonye, Mumuni Amadu;


The ability of a porous medium to transmit its fluid content under an applied pressure gradient is what is called the absolute permeability when it is fully saturated with the flowing fluid. A number of publications have appeared in the petroleum literature that shows experimentally derived data on decreasing absolute permeability with temperature. By starting with the most widely cited empirical relationships between absolute permeability, porosity, irreducible water saturation and specific surface this paper has presented analytical equations first for permeability, porosity and irreducible water saturation and secondly for absolute permeability, porosity and specific surface relationship (Kozeny equation). Results of equations have been compared with published experimental work and have been found to perfectly explain observed experimental trends in absolute permeability dependence on temperature.


Absolute Permeability; Specific Surface; Irreducible Water Saturation; Temperature Coefficients; Porosity

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