The Influence of Vibratory Excitation on the Oil Slug Mobilization in a Capillary Model

Liming Dai , Gang Cheng, Mingzhe Dong, Yihe Zhang


This research investigates both experimental study and numerical simulation for the mobilization of residual oil under vibratory conditions. A capillary model is established to present pore structure and various vibratory stimulations are applied to the model. Through experimental studies, a relationship is built between the driving pressure and the system parameters such as drainage time, oil slug length, vibration frequency and duration. The numerical study shows the existence and development of a water film surrounding the oil slug during the oil slug mobilization. Results indicate that optimal vibration frequency and duration time can greatly increase the oil slug mobilization efficiency.


Liquid Mobilization, Porous Media, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Slug Flow, Vibratory Excitation, Capillary

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