Determination Method of Buckling Load for Eccentric Cementing Casing Based on Adjacent Balance Criterion

Guijie Yu, Ruihe Wang;Weiguo Li;


Eccentric cementing status always occurs in the period of well completion in complex formation. Under this condition, buckling failure of casing has greater impact on normal production. According to adjacent balance criterion and higher differential equation, a determination method of buckling load for eccentric cementing casing was established. This avoids complex modeling and discretization processes when determining the critical buckling load of casing, and geometrical and physical parameters can directly be put in the formula of critical buckling load. There exists 8.3% relative error, comparing critical load from the formula with the result by using finite element method. That means the results are accurate. This method has the advantage of direct calculation and is easy for engineering applications without complex modeling and discretization processes.


Eccentric Cementing; Casing; Adjacent Balance Criterion; Higher Differential Equation; Buckling; Critical Load; FEM

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