Corrosion Study of Pipeline Steel Weld Immersed in Sour Solution

R. Galvan-Martinez, M. Salazar;R. Orozco-Cruz;M.A. Morales-Cabrera;A. Contreras;


This work presents an electrochemical study of API X52 pipeline steel weld immersed in NACE solution saturated with hydrogen sulphide (H2S). The electrochemical techniques, polarization curves and linear polarization resistance are used in the corrosion test of the steel weld samples with the focus on the three different zones of the weldment, heat affected zone (HAZ), weld bead (WB) and base metal (BM). In addition, a brief analysis was made in order to identify the corrosion product film. It was found that the increment of temperature and H2S dissolved in the NACE solution increase the corrosion rate (CR) of the three different zones. HAZ was significantly affected by the corrosion test and the phases mackinawite, troilite and pyrrhotite were identified in the film of corrosion products.


Polarization Curves; LPR; X52 Pipeline Steel; H2S

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