A Review on SPE’s Comparative Solution Projects (CSPs)

Akand W. Islam, Kamy Sepehrnoori;


The SPE’s Comparative Solution Projects are very recognized suites of test datasets for specific problems and the hub of conducting independent comparison of reservoir simulation from different dimensions. The first one of this kind of projects was initiated in 1981 by Aziz S Odeh in order to compare solutions to a three-dimensional black-oil reservoir simulation problem obtained from different participants. Later, more nine independent CSPs were led by many investigators to examine other challenging problems of reservoir engineering. The aim of this article is to present an overview of these ten projects with brief description of the problems studied, the participants of each project, simulators or the solvers used, and any substantial differences of results obtained by the contributors found in any project.


Comparative Solution Project; SPE Reservoir Simulation; Case Studies; Black Oil; Compositional; Horizontal Well; Dual Porosity

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