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Volume 2 Issue 1 (January 2013) Effect of Brine Composition on CO2/Limestone Rock Interactions during CO2 Sequestration Abstract   PDF
Ibrahim Mohamed, Jia He;Hisham A. Nasr-El-Din;
Volume 1 Issue 1 (April 2012) Effect of Reaction Furnace and Converter Temperatures on Performance of Sulfur Recovery Units (SRUs) Abstract   PDF
Hamid Reza Mahdipoor, Keyvan Khorsand;Reza Hayati;Hooman Javaherizadeh;
Volume 3 Issue 2 (April 2014) Effects of Microwave Irradiation on Stability Characteristics of Water-Oil Emulsions Abstract   PDF
Adango Miadonye, Emeka Nwankwor;
Volume 3 Issue 1 (January 2014) Estimating Required Combustion Air and Fuel Gas in a Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU) Containing Lean Acid Gas Feed Abstract   PDF
Hamid Reza Mahdipoor, Saeed Hassam Brojerdi;Amir Erfani;Hooman Javaherizadeh;
Volume 3 Issue 4 (October 2014) Evaluation of the Efficiency of Additives on the Destabilization of Petroleum Emulsions Abstract   PDF
Érika A. Jarque, Priscila F. Oliveira;Claudia R. E. Mansur;
Volume 3 Issue 1 (January 2014) Experimental Investigation of Crude Oil–Xanthan Emulsions Flow Behavior Abstract   PDF
Mamdouh T. Ghannam, Basim Abu-Jdayil;Nabil Esmail;
Volume 3 Issue 4 (October 2014) Finite Element Study of the Paleostress and Natural Fracture Development in the Bakken Formation, Nesson Anticline Area, North Dakota Abstract   PDF
Peng Pei, Zhengwen Zeng;Kegang Ling;
Volume 2 Issue 1 (January 2013) Formation Damage due to Mass Transfer in the Layers under a Dynamic Impact Abstract   PDF
Victor Zamakhaev
Volume 3 Issue 3 (July 2014) Gas-Oil-Water Production and Water-Gas Injection Forecasts in Williston Basin Abstract   PDF
Kegang Ling, Jun He;Peng Pei;
Volume 2 Issue 1 (January 2013) Identification of Carbon Dioxide-Producing Microorganisms Originating from Mexican Oil Wells with Potential Application in Oil Recovery Abstract   PDF
Regina Hernandez-Gama, Ana Muñoz‐Colunga, Emma A. Hernández‐Mendoza, Luis Torres, and Norma G. Rojas‐Avelizap
Volume 2 Issue 1 (January 2013) Interaction of Oppositely Charged Polymer–Surfactant System Based on Surface Tension Measurements Abstract   PDF
Sixun Zhang, M. Kamil;Kabir-ud Din;
Volume 3 Issue 3 (July 2014) Investigation and Comparison of Production in Vertical, Horizontal, Slanted and Hydraulically Fractured Wells in a Gas Condensate Field Abstract   PDF
Babak Moradi, Amin Tahami;Hossein Dehghani;Mosayeb Alishir;Amir Dehghan;
Volume 2 Issue 2 (April 2013) Investigation of Coke Formation in Steam Cracking of Atmospheric Gasoil Abstract   PDF
Sorood Zahedi Abghari
Volume 3 Issue 1 (January 2014) Matlab Based Performance Evaluation of Natural Gas Transmission System due to Corrosion Abstract   PDF
Abraham D. Woldeyohannes, Mohd Amin A. Majid;Chong Feng Chyuan;Aklilu T. Baheta;
Volume 3 Issue 3 (July 2014) Microwave Radiation Induced Visbreaking of Heavy Crude Oil Abstract   PDF
Adango Miadonye, Brittany MacDonald;
Volume 2 Issue 3 (July 2013) Modeling Oil and Petroleum Evaporation Abstract   PDF
Merv F. Fingas
Volume 3 Issue 2 (April 2014) Numerical Study of the Impact of Complex Fracture Patterns on Well Performance in Shale Gas Reservoirs Abstract   PDF
Wei Yu, Bo Gao;Kamy Sepehrnoori;
Volume 2 Issue 4 (October 2013) Numerical Study on the Gas-Liquid Two Phase Flow in Pipeline Commissioning Abstract   PDF
Xinyu Zhang, Bo Yu;Dongping Qiu;Xu Sun;
Volume 2 Issue 2 (April 2013) Oil-water Interfacial Tension Effects on Relative Permeability Curves in Low-permeability Reservoirs Abstract   PDF
Lin Zhao, Ai-Fen Li;Xiong-Jun Wu;Hao-jun Xie;Jin-jie Wang;Sixun Zhang;
Volume 1 Issue 3 (October 2012) Optimization of Esterification and Transesterification of High FFA Jatropha Curcas Oil Using Response Surface Methodology Abstract   PDF
Prerna Goyal, M.P. Sharma;Siddharth Jain;
Volume 4 Issue 2 (July 2015) Optimization of Infill OilWell Locations: Field-Scale Application Abstract   PDF
Watheq Al-Mudhafar, Mohammed Al-Jawad;
Volume 2 Issue 2 (April 2013) Pervaporation Separation of Ethyl Butyrate/Wate Mixture: Experimental and Mass Transfer Investigation Abstract   PDF
Toraj Mohammadi, Tavan Kikhavani;
Volume 4 Issue 2 (July 2015) Phase-field Modeling of Fracture Cementation Processes in 3-D Abstract   PDF
Kumar Ankit, Michael Selzer;Christoph Hilgers;Britta Nestler;
Volume 6 Issue 1(May 2017) Potential of Low Salinity Brines in Altering Wettability and Improving Oil Recovery from Liquid Rich Shale by Spontaneous Imbibition Abstract   PDF
Manoj Kumar Valluri, Johannes Alvarez, David S. Schechter
Volume 1 Issue 1 (April 2012) Preparation and Properties of Paraffin/Polyurethane Foams Composite with Flame Retardant as Thermal Energy Storage Materials Abstract   PDF
Zhao Liang, Gang Wang;Xiangchen Fang;Jianfeng Sun;Chunyan Yang;
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