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Volume 2 Issue 4 (October 2013) Pressure Transient Analysis of Multi-stage Hydraulically Fractured Horizontal Wells Abstract   PDF
Fei Wang, Shicheng Zhang;Bailong Liu;
Volume 2 Issue 3 (July 2013) Processing and Interpretation of Permanent Downhole Monitoring Data Abstract   PDF
Fei Wang, Xiaogang Li;
Volume 2 Issue 3 (July 2013) Quantification of Rock Porosity Changes before and after Freezing Abstract   PDF
Jun He, Peng Pei;Kegang Ling;Zhengwen Zeng;Hong Liu;
Volume 2 Issue 1 (January 2013) Quenching and Heat Transfer Properties of Aged and Unaged Vegetable Oils Abstract   PDF
Ester C. de Souza, Luiz F. O. Friedel;George E. Totten;Lauralice C. F. Canale;
Volume 2 Issue 3 (July 2013) Radiation and Emission Characteristics of Laminar Partially-Premixed Flames of Petroleum Diesel-Canola Methyl Ester Blends Abstract   PDF
V. N. Singh, R. N. Parthasarathy;S. R. Gollahalli;C. Aldana;
Volume 3 Issue 4 (October 2014) Research on the Technology for Stable Production of Weathering Crust Carbonate Gas Reservoir of Jingbian Gas Field in China Abstract   PDF
Ailin Jia, Haijun Yan;
Volume 1 Issue 1 (April 2012) Rheological Evaluation of Surfactants with Potential Application as Divergent Agents Abstract   PDF
Fernanda Lechuga, Claudia R. E. Mansur;Maria Bezerra;Luiz Barbosa;Elizabete Lucas;
Volume 2 Issue 2 (April 2013) Shut in Pressure Test and Methods of Calculating Shut in Time in Fractured Low Permeable Oilfields Wells Abstract   PDF
Leng Tian, Shunli He;Shijie Sun;
Volume 1 Issue 1 (April 2012) Stability, Oscillatory Modes, Bifurcations, and Chaotic Behavior of Complex Systems with Phase Control Abstract   PDF
Valerie P. Ponomarenko, Nikolay I. Zaytsev;
Volume 3 Issue 2 (April 2014) Studies on Ethanol Gas Sensing Properties of Al2O3-doped ZnO Thick Films Abstract   PDF
M. K. Deore, G. H. Jain;
Volume 3 Issue 2 (April 2014) Studies on the Effect of Surfactants on Rheology of Synthetic Crude Abstract   PDF
Tarun Kumar Naiya, Ravindra Kumar;Sambeet Mohapatra;Ajay Mandal;
Volume 3 Issue 2 (April 2014) Subsea-to-surface Oil Transport in an Ambient Pressure Seawater Duct Abstract   PDF
Mike H. Wofsey, Richard Tipping;
Volume 4 Issue 1 (January 2015) Surfactant Preflood to Improve Waterflooding Performance in Bakken Shale Formation Abstract   PDF
Samiha Morsy, J.J. Sheng;
Volume 5 Issue 1, (January 2016) The Influence of Vibratory Excitation on the Oil Slug Mobilization in a Capillary Model Abstract   PDF
Liming Dai , Gang Cheng, Mingzhe Dong, Yihe Zhang
Volume 5 Issue 1, (January 2016) The Use of Artificial Neural Network and Support Vector Classification for Recovery Factor Prediction Abstract   PDF
Li Dawei , Guangren Shi
Volume 4 Issue 2 (July 2015) The Use of Regression and Classification Algorithms for Layer Productivity Prediction in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Abstract   PDF
Shiyun Mi, Guangren Shi;
Volume 6 Issue 1(May 2017) Towards Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Micro Glass Bubble-based Fluids Abstract   PDF
Abdol Samad Rahmati, Seyed Reza Shadizadeh, Paul F. Luckham
Volume 1 Issue 2 (July 2012) Two Dimensional Dynamic Modeling of Hydrodesulphurization Reactor Abstract   PDF
Peyman Mahinsa, Mohammad Taghi Sadegh;Hamid Ganji;Saeed Shokri;
Volume 3 Issue 3 (July 2014) Utilization of Voronoi Gridding for Simulation of Heterogeneous Discrete Fracture Networks Using Outcrop and X-ray CT Abstract   PDF
Zuher Syihab, Jianlei Sun;Weirong Li;David Schechter;
Volume 3 Issue 1 (January 2014) Water-in-Oil Emulsions: Formation and Prediction Abstract   PDF
Merv F. Fingas
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