Effect of Co-Torrefaction on the Properties of Sewage Sludge and Waste Wood to Enhance Solid Fuel Qualities

Jeeban Poudel, Sujeeta Karki, Jae Hoi Gu, Yong-Taek Lim, Sea Cheon Oh


Torrefaction of lignocellulosic waste wood and non-lignocellulosic sewage sludge and their blends was attempted. Effect of torrefaction temperature on mass yield, energy yield, HHV, elemental composition and gas yield was studied at a torrefaction temperature range of 200 to 450 °C. The decomposition rate of hemicellulose and organic component in lignocellulosic and non-lignocellulosic component played vital role in determining the characteristics of the torrefied products. In addition, the gaseous products from torrefaction were also analyzed. Comparatively low emission of carbon dioxide and thermal hydrocarbon is one of the major advantages in using the blends.

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