Study on the Feasibility and Measures of Artistic Renovation of Old Industry

Quan Zhang


Based on the theory of industrial site reconstruction, this paper expounds the patterns, methods and laws which are commonly used in the process of industrial site reconstruction, and introduces the ideas and concepts of industrial site reconstruction by combining theory with practice. Methods: Based on the field investigation of industrial sites, this paper analyzes the unique features and unique rules in the transformation of industrial sites, using the inductive analysis method, the data related to the transformation of industrial sites are summarized and summarized. Combined with the literature, the paper analyzes the shortcomings of the current industrial environment reconstruction by inductive analysis. Results and contributions: The regeneration potential of old industrial sites and the cultural value of the old industrial sites and their landscape characteristics are combined with the urban space to meet the needs of people to rest and entertainment, Landscape and ecology as the main way to the transformation and upgrading of industrial sites are described.

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