The Effects of Soil Environmental Factors on the Colonization of Marine Biocontrol Bacteria

Zenghai Bao, Jingjing Wang, Guizhen Ma, Shufang Wang, Huan Li, Xuemei Cao, Qi Wang, Junqiang Wang


Biocontrol using beneficial antagonists to limit soil-borne disease is a promising approach. It can reduce the use of chemical pesticides and protect the environment. This study investigated the effects of three soil environmental factors on Paenibacillus polymyxa L1-9 colonization by antibiotic label method. The results showed that L1-9 strain of the root soil and cucumber tissues in pH 6, pH 7 and pH 8 treatments had similar variation trends and pH 7 soil had the greatest number of L1-9 strain. The L1-9 number could maintain greater number over a longer period at 25 ℃than at other temperatures (15 ℃, 20 ℃ and 30 ℃). When soil organic matter content was below 60 g kg-1, higher organic matter content increased L1-9 numbers, and improved colonization ability, however, the L1-9 numbers and colonization ability were significantly decreased under 80 g kg-1 organic matter content. The results indicated that the biocontrol agent L1-9 could play a better effect at the soil initial pH 7, soil temperatures 25 ℃ and 60 g kg-1 soil organic matter content. It will provide references for the application of the biocontrol agent L1-9 in agricultural production.

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