Synthesis of mesoporous Co3O4 and their catalytic activities in propane combustion

Changxiang Liu, Yunhui Yu, Runying Dai, Aiqin Dong, Qian Liu, Meijuan Lu, Lei Gong, Tingting Sun, Xigen Huang, Zhong Huang


A series of mesoporous Co3O4 were prepared through a PEG-assisted soft reactive grinding route. The effects of surfactant concentration and calcination temperature on the structure and catalytic activities over Co3O4 were studied. The optimized catalyst exhibited excellent activity for propane combustion with total conversion at 230 oC. Such superior property was found to be correlated with the uniform mesoporous structure and large specific surface. This work may provide a new type of mesoporous metal oxide with improved catalytic performance for hydrocarbon oxidations at low temperature.

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