Experimental and Simulation Research on Flow State in Centrifugal Pump in Plateau

Jiang Li, Wei Ming Zhang


The suction capacity of the centrifugal pump decreases in plateau because of the lower atmospheric pressure, and the fluid flow state inside the pump changes which causes the pump outlet pressure, flow, efficiency and other performance parameters drops. The variation of pump performances can be known by experimental researches, but the flow state inside the centrifugal pump can’t be shown out, while simulation researches can directly reflect it. This paper carry out researches of flow state in centrifugal pump in plateau, analyzes the centrifugal pump flow state comprehensively and intuitively with methods of experimental and simulation researches, the corresponding conclusions are drawn through data analysis, which shows that every 500m increase in the altitude accompanies pump inlet gas rate increase about 2% -5%, the turbulence kinetic energy increases 2.26%, 7.96%, 24.43% and 71.94% with each 500m.

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