A Study Method of Risk Evaluation for Children’s Toys

Guozhong Huang, Siheng Sun, Qi Bi, Teng Cao, Yongqin Fen


China is an important toy production and export country in the world. The injury incidents caused by Children's toys have become increasingly prominent, and the recall of toys also led to a large number of economic losses. Therefore, in this paper, the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method is proposed for the children’s toys risk evaluation. Firstly, the ETA method is used to determine the index and establish the index system of risk evaluation for children’s toys. To determine the index weight, AHP method is adopted to calculate the weight of each index. Then make the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model for the risk evaluation of children’s toys. Finally, the feasibility and effectiveness of method were illustrated by an example. Result shows that it provides a new perspective and tool for the risk evaluation of children’s toys.

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