Compressed Sensing Based Efficient Seismic Data Sensing Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks

Fangping Gao, Danqi Chen, Xiaoying Wang, Yanxia Zhang, Jilin Feng


Wireless sensor networks are able to provide crucial and real time information in many scenarios of crisis response and management. Such as volcano monitoring and rapid report of aftershock information, wireless sensor networks detect the seismic activity and transmit the data in time to survive the disaster. However, seismic data will be a heavy burden for tiny nodes of wireless sensor networks to process and transmit. In this paper, we present an efficient seismic data sensing scheme in wireless sensor networks based on the promising compressed sensing technology to mitigate wireless communication load, data processing and caching complexity on nodes. The performance was studied with the simulation method, the system could reconstruction the seismic signal even with low measurement count, and the energy consumption decreases obviously. Meantime, our scheme provides a real time and efficient data transmission method.

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