Microstructural and Tribological Performance of Atmospheric Plasma Spraying Ni/MoS2-SiC-Y Solid Lubricant Coatings

Xiaojing Yuan, Bailin Zha, Xiaodong Song, Zhanliang Li


The tribological property at high load were an important issue for the self-lubricant coatings. In this paper, the microstructures and phase compositions of the powders and the Ni/MoS2-SiC-Y coatings fabricated by atmospheric plasma spraying technology, were analyzed. Bonding strength was measured on a tensile strength tester. The friction and wear behaviours at 50N and 100N was evaluated on wear tester. The internal cohesive strength of the Ni/MoS2-SiC-Y coatings was higher than that between the coatings and the substrates. The friction coefficients of the coatings under 50 N and 100N rang at 0.2~0.4 and 0.23~0.52, respectively. The results indicated that Ni/MoS2-SiC-Y composite coatings with 12wt% (Y) lubricants coatings had good tribological properties due to the unique stratification subsurface micro-structure of the worn surface. Where, the Y improve the boundary of the flatted particles in the coatings so that the continuous triboreaction layers formed on the surfaces are observed. The main wear mechanisms of the composite coatings are adhesive wear and abrasive wear.

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