Synthesis and Evaluation of Anionic-Nonionic Surfactant for Oil Displacement in Low Permeability Reservoirs with High Temperature and High Salt

Daiyin Yin, Yujia Fang


Using nonylphenol and epoxy ethane as material, a new kind of nonionic surfactants (NPE3C) was synthesized by polymerization reaction and carboxymethylation reaction. The structure of the product was characterized by IR and 1HNMR. The salt and heat resistance of the surfactant was evaluated by laboratory experiment, and the oil displacement performance of the anionic-nonionic surfactant was evaluated by physical simulation. The results showed that the anion head and nonionic block in NPE3Csurfactant increased the temperature and salt resistance. As the increase of temperature or salinity, the oil-water interfacial tension become lower, it can reach 10-3mN/m low orders of magnitude in the condition of high salinity (100g/L) or high temperature (80oC). The oil displacement experiment shows that on the basis of water flooding, the surfactant increased the low permeability core recovery by 8. 6%. The surfactant system can meet the oil displacement requirements for some high temperature, high salt and low permeability reservoirs in Changqing

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