A Robust Control Method of Grouting Pressure based on BP Model

Fengling Li


In grouting process of dam foundation, grouting pressure tracking with the design requirement is one of the most important problems for the security of dam. By the grouts flow equations, many factors are nonlinearly related to the grouting pressure. Back-propagation (BP) artificial neural networks model was presented to model the grouting control process. And sensitivity analysis algorithm based on BP model is adopted for selection of input variables. In order to avoid dangerous grouting pressure fluctuation, a feedback PID control method was presented for the whole grouting system. To obtain the optimal PID parameters, iteration algorithm was adopted in each sampling interval time trough the discrete Lyapunov function of the tracking error. The simulation results show that self-learning PID tuning is robust and effective, which is meaningful for the realization of the automatic control device in the grouting process.

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