New Technology in the Treatment of Maxillary Sinus Cysts

Ruiyu Li, Wei Li, Ying Dang, Yunling Guo, Meng Li, Yue Li, Xinhua Bian, Jinjie Hou, Junfeng Gao


We provide an innovative approach for the non-surgical treatment of maxillary sinus cysts utilizing a novel approach. 56 patients with maxillary sinus cysts were selected, with all cases confirmed by either sinus CT or MRI examination. After local or surface anesthesia, all patients’ maxillary sinus cysts were punctured from the inferior nasal meatus, the needle core was removed, the cyst fluid was aspirated by cannula, and the correct amount of appropriate drug was then injected. The bases consisted of iodine and dexamethasone solution with 2:1 injection (i.e., for every 2 ml cyst fluid aspirated, 1 ml drugs was injected). If the cyst was located at the inferior wall of the maxillary sinus, the labiogingival groove was chosen as the point of approach. Image guided puncture was chosen as a treatment modality since routine cystic punctures are not simple. 56 patients with maxillary sinus cysts returned to the hospital for a sinus CT after treatment, follow-up continued for 1-3 years; 54 cases were successfully followed, 2 cases were lost to follow-up, yielding a follow-up rate of 96.4%. During patient follow-up of sinus CT did not reveal cysts. Results revealed that the cure standard was reached in all 54 patients previously presenting with maxillary sinus cysts and treated with our novel non-surgical method; there were no recurrences.

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